Human Resources

Our most valuable resource is human resources. We believe that an environment in which individuals feel happy and feel determined and zealous constantly to promote will be extremely useful for both our workplace and our employees. We maintain our management policy in an approach that prioritizes human relations and regards each individual as a valuable asset. We consider the people with whom we spend most of our time and work together, as important people who come after our family and act on the basis of respect for their dignity and personality in our relationships with them.

Employees As Our Largest Capital

We are aware that we must adapt to changing conditions which are parallel with the developments in the world, and at the same time we must reflect high technology, global competition and new opportunities into our business life. Undoubtedly, we are aware that one of the most prominent ways to achieve this is to apply a human resources policy which is open to development constantly. The organization which has the most competent employees, which can keep this employee in the itself, and which constantly improves its competencies, gains the competitive advantage. As a group that is aware of this, we prepare ourselves for the future in terms of human resources as well as the large investments we make in technology.

"in the direction of thinking that every manager should be a good human resource manager, we are also transferring all the information and techniques related to human resources to the managers at the same time, and we are trying to contribute to their development in this issue.

Polinas Human Resources

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